Energy Forum and District Heating Days 2018

Congress Centre Nové Adalbertinum, Hradec Králové

11 and 12 April 2018, held an international expert forum and exhibition Energy Forum & Teplárenské days, the event is since 1994 a traditional meeting of experts not only from the field of heating, electricity, energy recovery of waste, greening and energy sectors, as well as experts on energy efficiency, industrial and urban energy, and briefed the laity and the fans of this field.

The 24th District Heating & Energy Forum was accompanied by a total of 8 days, symposia


Thanks to all professional and media partners for their cooperation and all visitors and exhibitors for their participation.

On this specialized independent action we have introduced technologies, services, products and news for:

  • central heat generation and distribution,
  • cool generation and distribution,
  • electricity sector,
  • primary energy sources (coal, gas, crude oil, and crude oil derivatives manufacturing),
  • environmental technologies for environmental protection (BAT),
  • technologies and equipment for utilization of renewable energy sources,
  • technologies and equipment for energy utilization of wastes,
  • technologies and equipment for waste heat utilization,
  • technologies and products to achieve energy savings,
  • monitoring of emissions into air, water and in wastes,
  • information and control systems for power engineering,
  • energy-saving buildings, energy management of buildings,
  • manufacturing processes, towns and municipalities,

at this specialized independent event right with us.

District Heating Days and Energy Forum is a traditional get-togethers to exhibitors who are offering their products and services in energy, with your potential business partners who are members of conferences and visitors to the event.

At the event, and we invite every year she participates power engineers, environmentalists, businesses, developers, also mayors of cities and municipalities, and other professional public.

Under Action Energy Forum and heat days in one place allows you to:

Present yourself to the professionals from the area of power engineering (district heating, electricity sector, gas industry, environmental protection).
Meet representatives of manufacturing and trading companies from the Czech Republic and also from abroad.
Make acquainted the professional public, state administration, local authorities and general public with the most up-to-date technologies for heat and cool supply, for production and procurement of electrical and heat energy supplies, for utilization of the renewable energy sources, energy utilization of wastes and for environmental protection.

Part of the Energy Forum & Heating Days 2018 were a number of specialized international conferences focusing on current issues with that issue in terms of technical, economic and hlůediska of environmental protection.

Events in 2018 received the patronage of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry for Regional Development, Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ, governor of the Hradec Kralove Region, the Mayor of Hradec Kralove Regional Chamber of Pardubice, Czech -Poland chamber of Commerce,
everyone for their support, thank you.


We look forward to seeing you in the New Adalbertinum in Hradec Kralove over a year in the first half April 2019.


Ing. Adéla Trávníčková
The organizer of the exhibition
PAREXPO, s.r.o.
Ing. Jiří Švachula, CSc.
Professional supervisors
EKONOX, s.r.o.


The District Heating Days 2016 become a component part of a larger event called ENERGY FORUM. THE ENERGY FORUM is a professional forum focused on energies - their effective utilization, economic supplies to customers, eco-friendly gaining of energy, effective energy management. Make use of THE ENERGY FORUM as of the meeting of the exhibitors offering their products and services in power engineering and the related fields with potential business partners, who are the participants in the accompanying conferences or visitors to the event.

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